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SNOLAB is an underground science laboratory specializing in neutrino and dark matter physics. Situated two km below the surface in the Vale Creighton Mine located near Sudbury Ontario Canada, SNOLAB is an expansion of the existing facilities constructed for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) solar neutrino experiment.

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ABEC annual picnic 2014

The Council of ABEC

President of ABEC

Preside at all meetings of ABEC and the Council. As Chief executive officer of ABEC, shall have general control and supervision over all affairs. To represent ABEC at business/corporate, professional and social events/conventions/Job Fair/meetings etc., in order to promote and convey the membership professional skills and educational qualifications. Signing documents involving obligations of the ABEC and documents sealed with the seal of the Association from the President and Vice-President or second member of the Council. Signing all cheques for authorized payments. The President will allocate and assign all other new future duties as required to Council members.

For the first year, The President will establish communication link, E-mail to all Members of ABEC and maintained it with the monthly news until the completion of the web site for the ABEC. The President will establish communication link between ABEC and employment office Agents for available jobs in the area and also with PEO for the latest news and workshops available.

Vice-President of ABEC

Exercise the power and the duties of the President in case of the President's absence and/or as directed by the President. He will preside over all working committee during the year. He will be a main organizer of ABEC events, manage invitations to the Members, Speakers, and rent a meeting place, order food and refreshments.

For the first year, The Vice-President will help with information for construction of the web site, design or delegate the design of Logo, Letterhead, Membership card, Stamp, Receipt for annual membership fees and donations.

Director Operation of ABEC

Promoting the ABEC and the membership with the goal for the membership list to get to 100 members. Organizing of an agenda of the meetings and a Speaker on the Meeting. Maintaining a communication link with PEO (We are on the communication list of Mr. David Smith - Media Specialist, Tell. (416) 224-9528 Ext. 402, Email:

Maintaining communication link with similar Associations of Engineers in Toronto. Supervision on a link between our web site and Employment office's Agents and if is possible their cataloging. Promoting donations between members of Bulgarian communities. Working with The Secretary on the yearly membership list.

Director Public Relation of ABEC

Promoting the ABEC in a different Provinces, wherever there are Bulgarian Engineers, with a goal for ABEC to go national. Creating plan and strategy for ABEC to move towards branches in different Provinces.

Promoting the ABEC in different Canadian Companies and Corporations and their support for our operation.

For the first year, The Director of PR together with the Treasurer will work on the best way of distribution of the funds. Helping with collecting of late membership fees.

The Director of PR will help with the translation of ABEC's By-laws in Bulgarian language for the web site.

Director of Communication of ABEC

Creating and maintenance of web site for ABEC. Working together with Vice-President and Director Operation for the best possible design and lay out of the site. Choosing program for two-way communication: BB or Forum.

Treasurer of ABEC

The Treasurer will be in charge of the finances of ABEC. Will maintain the funds of the ABEC - invoices and receivable. Collect the membership fees and pay all accounts, subject to the approval of the Council. Signing of documents; cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and the person authorized by the Council. At the end of the term of the office, the Treasurer shall assure that all documents under his/her charge and custody are properly transferred and accepted by the new Treasurer.

Secretary of ABEC

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings, maintains letter patent, statutes and all legal documents. Shall keep an updated list of all members and list of members who paid their membership fees. He/She should keep all books, certificates, and letters as the Council may direct. All documents and pictures shall be kept in good standing or delegate to a Registrar or to a Historian.

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