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SNOLAB is an underground science laboratory specializing in neutrino and dark matter physics. Situated two km below the surface in the Vale Creighton Mine located near Sudbury Ontario Canada, SNOLAB is an expansion of the existing facilities constructed for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) solar neutrino experiment.

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With License from the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS)

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The Council of the Association of Bulgarian Engineers in Canada is proud to announce and congratulate our colleague Simeon Mitrev for successfully completing all requirements and obtaining a License from the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS).

Eng. Simeon Mitrev is a graduate of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Faculty of Geodesy, in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since 1998 he has extensive experience in the private sector on numerous land and forest restitution projects, re-establishment of 3rd and 4th-grade triangulation network, a variety of cadastral surveys, cadastral map elaboration and updates, and monitoring of structural deformations. From Libya to Canada, Eng. Simeon Mitrev continues to practice the art of Geodesy and Land Surveying. Since 2005, he is employed as a land surveyor and now as a Project Manager in a well-established private company serving Mississauga and the GTA. His everyday work includes providing cost estimates and professional advice to clients, managing daily field and office operations, examination and certification of survey plans.

Eng. Simeon Mitrev was commissioned as an Ontario Land Surveyor in July, 2011.

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