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SNOLAB is an underground science laboratory specializing in neutrino and dark matter physics. Situated two km below the surface in the Vale Creighton Mine located near Sudbury Ontario Canada, SNOLAB is an expansion of the existing facilities constructed for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) solar neutrino experiment.

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A Newly Licensed A.O.L.S. Member

Yordanka Zaharieva, M.Eng., O.L.S.

The Council of the Association of Bulgarian Engineers in Canada is proud to announce and congratulate our colleague Eng. Yordanka Zaharieva for successfully completing all requirements and obtaining a License from the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS).

The AOLS was founded in 1892 in order to regulate the practice of professional land surveying in Ontario so that the public interest be served and protected.
Approximately 600 professionals are members of the AOLS at present and only 8 percent of them are women.

Yordanka is a graduate of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Faculty of Geodesy, in Sofia, Bulgaria. She specialized in the area of cadastre and Land Information Systems and has more than 10 years experience at key positions in the Bulgarian administration. She participated in several municipal and government pilot projects for the establishment of integrated cadastre in Bulgaria. In Canada she gained valuable experience working for several geomatics and land surveying companies and acquired professional designation.
We are proud of her determination to overcome all barriers in front of the Internationally Trained Professionals in Canada and to achieve the well deserved recognition.

Bulgarian engineers are highly knowledgeable professionals working with honesty, competence and integrity all over the world.

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