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SNOLAB is an underground science laboratory specializing in neutrino and dark matter physics. Situated two km below the surface in the Vale Creighton Mine located near Sudbury Ontario Canada, SNOLAB is an expansion of the existing facilities constructed for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) solar neutrino experiment.

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The Bulgarian Eng.
George Pushev, founder and president of the Toronto-based M&T 2001, specializes in advanced machinery for, primarily, the automotive industry and its supply chain, including remanufacturers. In less than 10 years, Pushev has built up a substantial business in Canada and Bulgaria designing and manufacturing a line of machinery, of which many are patented by M&T 2001: automatic armature/rotor polishing machine, automatic shaft straightening machine, the Automatic Armature Commutator Removal Machine, Automatic armature spot welding machine, new armature welding technology.

Armed with a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1970, George Pushev joined the Institute of Metal Science at Bulgaria's Academy of Science, the largest of its kind in South-East Europe. He embarked on a lengthy period as a scientist during which he performed pioneering work on plastic-zone metal deformation processes, applying an ultra-sound method for nondestructive determination of contact stress. The results of his research work were defined as unique and his very advanced method allowed the real contact stress level between two metal surfaces to be measured for the first time, which was described in his doctoral thesis.

Pushev achieved impressive results as an expert in complex metallurgy processes. In recognition of his work, Pushev attended scientific conferences across the world and was awarded a gold medal at the Leipzig Fair for inventing a machine for measuring contact stress.

Today, based on its technological skills, M&T 2001 is a supplier to some of the automotive industry's leading players as well as acting as engineering consultants to Delco (USA), Prestolite Electric (USA and the UK), Precision Bearing (Malaysia) and many others. The consulting services include project development related to production, automation, product quality improvement, product cost reduction, opening of new or reorganization of existing lines for tear down, rotor and/or armature manufacturing, impregnation, machining, final assembly, testing and many more. An official supplier to global companies, including Delco, Bosch, Valeo and others, M&T 2001 has also been granted exclusive distribution and representation rights to the North American market by many producers of manufacturing equipment, including automatic and CNC lathes, Jetmag, milling machines, tooling etc.

M&T 2001's steady progress reflects two sides of the founder's personality: a strong recognition of the employees' skills and contribution - and a no less strong conviction of the need to protect the global environment before it is too late. "We're convinced that we can make a difference by designing and making machines that reduce pollution and save on resources, thus setting an example for others." As a logical consequence of his views, George Pushev believes that remanufacturing should be rated one of the world's most important industries.


This is a Summary of the original article M&T 2001 Making advanced technologies pay off; published in ReMaTecNews, December 2005. You can see the entire article on the ABEC News of February 2006 on a link file provided to us from the Publisher:

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