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SNOLAB is an underground science laboratory specializing in neutrino and dark matter physics. Situated two km below the surface in the Vale Creighton Mine located near Sudbury Ontario Canada, SNOLAB is an expansion of the existing facilities constructed for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) solar neutrino experiment.

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ABEC annual picnic 2014

ABEC - April 27, 2013


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OSPE Research Survey for Internationally Trained Engineers

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers4950 Yonge St., Suite 502Toronto, ONM2N 6K1
Fax: 416-223-9963

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AarthiVig 2013-04-16 10:45  

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is developing an exciting new program aimed at helping internationally trained engineers (ITEs) highlight their skills. As a follow-up to some research that OSPE has been undertaking with employers, OSPE has now developed an online survey to collect information on the experiences of ITEs - positive or negative - in seeking employment as an engineer in Ontario. 

The results of the surveys will support OSPE in designing programs that facilitate more effective bridging between the skills that employers need and the skills of engineers, particularly those seeking opportunities in the Canadian workforce.

Eligible participants involved in this bridging program will benefit by: 

Taking part in events and workshops about Canadian recruitment and hiring practices within the engineering industry. 

Receiving an overview of job-related information gathered from engineering companies across Ontario.

Networking with peers and sharing ideas about how to position your skills for success.

We would greatly appreciate your assistance by forwarding the survey to any internationally trained engineers in your network. The survey will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete and will help us in developing appropriate supports for ITEs in this program. The survey can be accessed at:

If you would like to become informed of upcoming events and resources as a result of this project, please email me at: 

Program Development Manager 416-223-9961 ext. 238


Ontario Society of Professional Engineers4950 Yonge St., Suite 502Toronto, ONM2N 6K1
Fax: 416-223-9963


Job opportunities

Bridge Training TRCA works with partners to help foreign-trained environmental professionals reach their professional goals in Canada. Currently, TRCA leads two programs:

PAIE – Professional Access and Integration Enhancement

M2P – Mentoring to Placement f or Environmental Professionals

PAIEis an Ontario bridge training program that provides access to professional opportunities in the environmental sector for internationally trained Engineers and Geoscientists new to Canada.

Welcome to the 2012 -2014 PAIE Program! 

The PAIE Program is an innovative, employer-led bridge training program designed to connect employers and highly skilled internationally trained Engineers and Geoscientists.

PAIE is developed by Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) in collaboration with Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO), and funded by the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada.PAIE links employers in TRCA's network with highly skilled candidates to fulfill hiring needs in the environmental sector, while helping newcomers to obtain valuable Canadian experience and obtain a professional license as a P.Eng. orP.Geo.

Through leveraging TRCA's vast employer network, over 90% of PAIE graduates are working in their professional field, earning an average of $55,000 annually!


M2P Program is an Ontario bridge training program that opens the door to employment opportunities for 40 internationally trained environmental professionals.

Led by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), the M2P Program is designed to connect employers and highly skilled environmental professionals with international training and experience in:

   Green Building / Energy


   Planning: environmental, urban, community





HR, Marketing and Communications

Salary Range:

$55,591 - $62,154 per year.

Summary of Function:

As a Coordinator for the Professional Access & Integration Enhancement (PAIE) bridge training program for internationally trained Engineers and Geoscientists, you will assist program clients to gain Canadian work experience opportunities in their field through employer recruitment and professional employment counselling.  You will work closely with TRCA and project staff, partners, contractors and external employers in the delivery of this project.  This position is based in our Downsview office with some travel required in the GTA.  Occupational health and safety is a major responsibility of this position.

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Post-secondary degree in Human Resources, Business, Engineering, Geoscience, Environmental Science or related discipline and/or equivalent experience in career counseling, recruitment, job development, and/or employment services;
  • Ability to cultivate and develop networks and strong partnerships with multiple stakeholders, in particular with employers, HR staff, technical hiring managers;
  • Proven record of delivering employment services to a diverse client group, particularly internationally trained professionals;
  • Ability to coordinate training workshops; facilitating job search and/or workplace communication curriculum to an adult audience an asset;
  • Familiar with environmental, engineering, and/or geoscience sectors and professions strongly preferred;
  • Excellent skills in networking, customer service, project planning and coordination; marketing and outreach; presentations/public speaking; problem solving; professional communication (written and verbal); interpersonal and intercultural communication;
  • A self-starter, detail-oriented and motivated individual with ability to foster positive relationships through team collaboration;
  • Computer literacy utilizing MS Office software; familiarity with and effective use of social media an asset;
  • Ability to work days and some evenings/weekend hours required;
  • Ability to travel to employer sites, networking events, etc.

Example of Tasks:

1. Identify and recruit employers to provide work experience opportunities for clients in their professional field.
2. Build networks, contacts and develop partnerships to actively promote clients and program to employers, the community and stakeholders.
3. Provide professional and targeted employment counseling to clients with respect to effective resumes, interviews, job search strategies, employer communications, etc. for the purpose of increasing their employability.
4. Identify work experience opportunities for clients in their professional field through research and follow up of new employer leads and building relationships with existing employer partners.
5. Effectively match clients with employers with respect to both technical and soft skills and manage post-hire supports through regular follow up and evaluation to ensure success and client/employer satisfaction.
6. Coordinate workshops and field trips with classroom and field instructors to develop and deliver professional technical and soft skills training.
7. Some facilitation of in-house soft skills curriculum may be required.
8. Participate in the development and maintenance of online training modules, website enhancements and social media outlets.
9. Ensure program targets are met in a timely manner, including client employment and licensing targets.
10. Assist with evaluation of program activities through client feedback, collection of statistics and monthly / quarterly reporting.
11. Assist with generating new sources of revenue for the project, either through sponsorship, donations or the monetizing of products for long-term program sustainability.

Forward Cover Letter and Resume to:

Human Resources
5 Shoreham Drive
Downsview, Ontario
M3N 1S4
Fax: (416) 661-6898




08-May-13 to 10-May-13


St. Andrew's Club & Conference Centre / Toronto / Ontario / Canada


MiningConferences & Trade Fairs

Processing ores and aggregates in mining can require enormous amounts of water. Many mines are located in areas with limited water resources or where growing communities and industries compete with mines for water use. Indeed, water resources, in general, are becoming more limited even as environmental regulations tighten across North America. Using, recycling and disposing of water are becoming bigger issues than ever before for mining companies – one that requires extensive thought, planning, and execution of strategies to address these challenges.

As a result of these pressures, forward-looking mining operations are doing a number of things to manage water use. To stay commercially viable, they're implementing and refining water management systems that ensure efficiency, cost-savings, sustainability and regulatory compliance. They're maximizing their opportunities to recycle and reuse water in their processes. They're assessing short-term solutions in conjunction with long-term preparation to ensure they can be prepared for tightening water regulation while keeping their processes and production optimal, cost-effective and sustainable.

Find out how at Infocast's 2nd Water Management for Mining Summit, to be held in the mining capital of North America, Toronto, Canada. The only Canadian mining water event, this leading-edge Summit provides mining and water technology companies, engineers, and water infrastructure specialists with a unique forum to meet, network, dig into the issues, and brainstorm solutions for effective water management for the industry.

Attend and gain valuable strategies for:

Minimizing and optimizing water use throughout the stages of mining production.
Developing long-term water management strategies to serve the life of the mine, from beginning to post-closure
Lessening the impact of mining on water quality and developing long-term sustainability plans


This is a must attend event for mining companies, field service companies, water technology companies, water infrastructure specialists, engineers, and consultants.



We will allow any company who believes they will be reaching the right audience by attending this event, be an exhibitor.


Go to event website

EIN News provides powerful, real-time media monitoring, news aggregation & syndication services. Read the latest news about this topic. See:



The International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

(International ASET Inc.) is pleased to organize the 2013 International Conference on

Multimedia and Human-Computer Interaction - MHCI' 13 ;

July 18 - 19 2013, Ryerson University,Toronto, Canada.


MHCI is a specialized conference covering many different topics related to theories and applications of multimedia and human-computer interaction. International ASET Inc., is proud to host the first conference in Toronto, Canada this comingJuly.



The Council of the Association of Bulgarian Engineers in Canada - ABEC has always been proud of Bulgarian Colleagues who show the strength and the will to succeed in Recognition of their qualification, with the goal to establish a successful professional practice.

We are thankful also to all Bulgarian Professional Engineers,who help the younger Bulgarian Colleagues with the translation and verification of their professional documents.


Hi Mr. Pushev,

I sincerely appreciate and thank you for the time you spent as my referent
to verify the translation of my documents for my PEO application.

In addition, I would like to express my gratitude to the ABEC association
and especially Mrs. Pauline who helped connecting me with an eligible and
licensed engineer, as per PEO requirements, with Bulgarian background.

Best Regards,
Eliza Lepoeva
TCHC- Design / Build & Engineering Services
729 Petrolia Road
Toronto, ON M3J 2N6




This is a reminder that the 2013 membership fee of $50.00 is now due. Payment can be made by PayPal or cheque at the address -



Best Regards,


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